5 Common Causes of Toilet Clogs

Five Common Causes of Toilet Clogs and How to Prevent Them

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Toilet clogs are an embarrassing issue that many people experience, but there is not a single reason for clogging to occur. Toilets are very different, as well as the plumbing, water pressure, and other factors that could influence malfunctioning drains. Although there are plenty of reasons for a clogged toilet, here are the five most common causes for toilet clogging and how to prevent them. 1. Low flow toilets often experience clogging issues. Regardless of what it is being taxed with, these conditions will not conclude with similar results you may experience with other toilets. Low flow toilets are typically first generation, and clogging may indicate that the lifetime of your toilet has expired. 2. Sometimes, toilets clog simply because they are being burdened with too much waste. Substantial amounts of toilet paper or non-flushable items are a common cause of clogging. Objects can block the trap, which has the primary purpose of preventing the drain from clogging, but certain non-disposable objects can interfere with the trap, preventing the water from draining properly. 3. Hard water deposits can be the source of frequent clogging. Excessive buildup can accumulate over time, leading you to more thoroughly clean your toilet to relieve clogging. 4. The drain line itself may be the problem, rather than the toilet. If this is the case, an acidic chemical solution can be used to solve the internal backup. In South America, some locals use Coca-Cola to relieve their clogged drains, but any chemical solution containing lye should do the trick. 5. Hair is a common drain clogging substance that many people overlook. Initially, this issue can be fixed with a chemical solution, but repeated offenses to your toilet could result in more permanent damage, requiring a professional to come and fix the drain.


To prevent these common clogging causes, and other causes not listed here, a plethora of preliminary methods can be used.Chandler Toilet Repair – Accidents happen, but can usually be prevented. Ensure that no loose objects are too close, or above, your toilet. Keep a close eye on younger children to avert them from flushing incorrect material. An easy solution – close the lid. – Frequently, and thoroughly, clean your toilet. Prevention is better than cure, and it certainly is less expensive. Use approved products to clean your toilet before common clogging occurs. – The “Courtesy Flush” is an easy solution to preventing common clogging. First, flush the initial waste. Then, flush the toilet paper separately. This tends to be a common fix to frequent clogging.

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