A Guide to Choosing the Right Water Heater

A Guide to Choosing the Right Type of Water Heater for Your Home

Although most people still use large storage tank water heaters in their homes, they are by no means the most efficient and the reality is there are some better options out there. However, picking a water heater truly depends on how many people reside in the home and how often you typically need a hot water sourced. Chandler Water Heater Repair Services The lower the amount of people that live in the home and the less amount of times that hot water is needed simultaneously, the smaller sized water heater that is necessary. Here is a basic guide you can use to select the perfect size and type of water heater for your home and some things to consider while making your selection.

Amount of People in Your Home

This is the most basic thing to consider. If you have five or more people in the home, you are going to want to get a storage tank water heater and the more people you have, the larger system you are going to need. The best way to address the exact size you will need is by talking to a professional plumbing company in your area, who can further assist you in selecting a water heater, based on the amount of people living in your home and your typical hot water use.

The Type of Water Heater

Smaller water heaters are now being utilized, which feature a very different, much more energy efficient and smaller water heaters. These heaters do not feature a basin in which they heat water up in, but rather heat water up as it passes through the system. These typically are on the outside of a home or in the garage and are hands down the way to go if you have three people or less in your home. You will save a ton of space and will save a lot of money each and every month.

Select Your Fuel Source

There are a handful of sources that can power various water heater models, including gas, propane and electricity and the most efficient system for your home may be determined by the fuel sources that you already have on your property. When you consult with a company in your area, make sure to let them know about the fuel sources that are already in your home, which can help determine the best water heater that is most appropriate to provide the hot water source for you and your family.

Not sure what water heater works for your Chandler home? Call ABC Plumbing & Rooter at (480) 726-1600, and get the best advice from the professionals.

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