5 Signs You Have a Hidden Water Leak

5 Signs You Have a Hidden Water Leak

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Plumbing leaks are costly problems. Not only are there costs associated with paying money to have the leak fixed, there are also additional fees that are associated with other repairs. The water coming out from a leak is going to potentially ruin anything it comes in contact with. The water could even present the potential for an electrical fire.Chandler Hidden Leak Detection Services

The Problem With Hidden Leaks

Unfortunately, not every leak is clear to see. The plumbing in a home winds out of sight and deep in the walls. As a result, a leak could occur and not be clearly noticed. This is why homeowners have to be on the lookout for clear signs of damage.

The Five Signs of a Hidden Leak

There are several different signs that would indicate a leak is present. Do not ignore these signs or else the problem is going to get worse and so is all the potential damage. Here are the of the top five signs: Yellowed Paint in the Ceiling and Walls: The yellowed color is the result of water causing stains in the paint. Chipped and Peeled Paint: As paint in the walls and ceilings end up getting damp, they start to chip, peel, and crack. Something is causing the paint to do this and that something is water. Damp Carpeting: Water seeps into the floor and gets absorbed by the fibers in the carpet. This dampness is clearly coming from the plumbing and, likely, a hidden leak. Sunken Flooring: Water causes rot in floor boards. Once these boards start to rot, they become extremely weak and begin to bend under the weight of someone walking on them. No mystery should surround the presence of a sinking floor. The problem is a result of dampness-related rot. Sparks from Light Switches: This one is particularly scary because water is getting into the electrical system. Sparks and crackles are indicative of a potential fire. Cutting off the electricity to the switches is a must. Call an electrician right away. If smoke or fire appears, you definitely have an emergency on your hands.

It’s Time for a Plumber

An experienced plumber will know how to find an out-of-the-way leak. Once the leak is discovered, then work can be done to fix it. As soon as the leak is fixed, a host of problems ends up being eliminated.

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