The Best Plans for Your Plumbing Maintenance

The Best Plans for Your Plumbing Maintenance

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We have talked a lot about maintenance for your plumbing for each season, maintenance for your air conditioning unit among other types of maintenance. Maintenance is important to protect your investment along with ensuring the safety of your family.

Here are a few maintenance tips you should be doing to keep everything flowing each day and in between your scheduled maintenance with your professional plumber:

Drains. In the kitchen, be mindful of what you put down your sink. Avoid such items like grease, butter, cooking oils and fats. These items congeal and block water flow.

Reduce the amount of bath oils and put screens over drains to catch hair to keep your bathroom drains running clog free.

Garbage disposal. Be mindful of what you put down your garbage disposal. Avoid fibrous and stringy foods and be sure to run the water while you are running your disposal or adding food.

Major appliances. Run your dishwasher at night to maintain good water pressure during the day.

Toilet. Your toilet is not a garbage can. Don’t use it as one and keep it from clogging.


Weekly Checks

Be sure to test your drains on a weekly basis to make sure they are all running free of clogs.

Check for leaks on a regular basis. If you smell a musty smell or see small puddles and signs of moisture, you may have a leak.

Test all of your faucets to ensure that water is coming out the way it should. You shouldn’t see water coming out the sides of the faucet.  If you see this, it may be time to replace your fixture.

All of these ongoing maintenance items will make your seasonal maintenance that much easier along with catching problems while they are small before they become big ones.

And, when your scheduled maintenance comes around, you will likely not face as many surprises if you’ve kept up with the care on a regular basis.

If you find something that doesn’t seem quite right, give us a call. We can help you understand what the problem might be and schedule an appointment as a next step as needed.


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