How To Care and Maintain Your Water Heater

How To Care and Maintain Your Water Heater

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Maintaining your storage tank water heater could extend the life of your heater, not to mention save you a little money in energy costs.

Here’s a few tips on maintenance:

Take a look at the temperature setting. If it’s higher than 120 degrees, then readjust it to 120 degrees. This can actually save you a small amount in annual energy costs and will also help to prevent scalding.

Maintain a clearance area around the water heater.  The clearance will provide an air path around the unit as well as prevent any accidents.

Drain about a quarter of your tank at least once a year if not more.  By draining the tank even a quarter will remove sediment and debris.

Test the temperature-pressure relief valve. Annually test the pressure-relief valve to test for leaks by discharging it two or three times.

Insulate hot and cold water pipes.  You can also insulate older models to help improve efficiency as well.

If you find that you’re uncomfortable with performing any of the maintenance suggested above, contact your plumber. As a part of their service, they can schedule the appropriate regular maintenance for you.

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