Change The Way You Use Water

Change The Way You Use Water

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The Top 3 Water-Wasting Appliances in Your Home

Being Proactive To Reduce Water Usage

When the discussion turns to reducing water usage in a home, most people are spot on when choosing the culprits of the water waste. Though they recognize the culprits of the biggest wastes of water, they are reluctant to do what needs to be done to reduce their Chandler water usage. The top three water-wasting appliances in your home are: the dishwasher, washing machine and home irrigation systems.

Chandler, AZ Water Conservation ServicesHow Are These Appliances Wasting Water?

Though your older model washing machine is still working, it is very likely that it is using as much as 25 gallons of water per load. There are more water efficient models that use less than half of that amount to get your clothes clean. If you own an older dishwasher, the same holds true. Newer, more water efficient models use much less water.

Yes, homeowners should be proud of their landscaping and the value it adds to their homes. Don’t install an irrigation system and forget it. Maintaining it is an ongoing project, and using drought tolerant plants and watering those that require more attention at the right time is key. When you realize that you are harboring water-wasting appliances in your home, the best plan is to fix the problem.

What You Can Do to Save Water

As previously pointed out, reducing water usage in your home will likely require a financial investment. Replacing water-wasting appliances periodically is the best way to ensure that you are reducing water usage and in the long term, putting money in your wallet. There are numerous sources of information available to guide homeowners in the best ways to reduce water usage.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides comprehensive, easy to understand information on the benefits of purchasing water efficient and energy conserving appliances. The WaterSense and ENERGYSTAR® programs offered by the EPA provide guidance not only on the types of appliances that conserve water and energy, additional information is also provided on how doing so could earn greater rewards in the form of rebates. Get more on these programs here

Reducing Water Usage Begins With You

Turning off faucets while you brush your teeth and reducing the amount of time spent in the shower will not conserve water more than replacing water-wasting appliances in your Chandler home. It does require a financial investment, but the savings realized over the long term will put a smile on your face as energy and water bills are reduced. Save water and money too!

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