Changing up Your Bathroom?

Changing up Your Bathroom?

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Finding yourself ready to remodel your outdated bathroom? There are many reasons to want to update or change your bathroom from lifestyle to updating everything because it needs to be updated,  and to just wanting a change.

With lots of things to consider from space to bath and shower, we’ve found a few things to get your thought process started as you make the decision to remodel a bathroom.

Shower or tub. As you redesign your bathroom space, consider whether you want to keep that tub or add a tub.  And, if you want to keep the tub, what kind of bathtub do you want? Do you want a garden tub, a jacuzzi tub, or just a basic tub?  And if not, should you convert that tub space into a larger shower? All of these decisions could impact your budget.

Vanity and counters. Consider the height of your vanity and countertops. Are they the old-time 30 inches that might be too short really? Would a 36-inch be more suitable for your needs? There is also the option of a custom vanity which would be the exact height you would want it. Or you can consider a floating vanity that you adjust based on space from the floor.

Showers and faucets. So many options exist today when it comes to showerheads and faucets.  One of the things you’ll want to keep in mind is the location of faucets and shower heads. The further you move from the original spot, the more expense you’re adding onto your budget. Think about the locations as they pertain to your height and ease of use.

Aging in place. Are you intending to live where you are as you age? Then you’ll want to think about things like safety bars, a shower seat and even the threshold leading into your shower. These items will make it easy to gracefully age in your new bathroom.

When you’re ready to make that leap into remodeling your bathroom, give us a call if you have any questions or need a professional to help with any plumbing or installation of vents and other bathroom items.

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