Check Out the Bathroom Trends of 2016

Check Out the Bathroom Trends of 2016

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3 Bathroom Trends to Watch for in 2016

While many rooms inside a Chandler home get renovated, none have their looks changed more often than bathrooms. Whether enlarging the tub or adding more room to relax, the bathroom is definitely undergoing a vast change in today’s world. Chandler, AZ 2016 Bathroom Annual TrendsIf you find yourself planning to renovate your bathroom in 2016, here are some of today’s top trends when it comes to design and remodeling.

Low-Flow Toilets

In most modern Chandler homes today, low-flow toilets are the only kind of toilet installed. Made to use just over one gallon of water when flushed, they are stylish yet also economical. Older toilets, which are defined as those made prior to 1993, use almost four gallons of water per flush and can result in very high water bills. Along with the low-flow toilets, some bathrooms are also moving toward having water-efficient sinks and tubs. Using advanced smart technology, these items can be installed in virtually any home and greatly upgrade the bathroom.

Smart Showers

If you want to liven up your shower experience, consider turning your current shower into a smart shower. Adding multiple showerheads that can change colors based on your mood, play music, and even decide just how much water needs to be used during the shower are all possibilities, as is having a shower that is connected to the internet or Bluetooth enabled. No longer an activity that has to be done to the exclusion of everything else, it’s now possible to take a shower and still surf the Web simultaneously.

Anti-Fog Mirrors

If you’ve dreamed of taking a shower while having fog-free mirrors, your dream can now become reality. In the bathrooms of 2016, anti-fog mirrors are now being installed on a regular basis. Enabling a person to take a bath or shower without having to constantly wipe the mirror clear with a towel, these anti-fog mirrors are also seen as providing a level of safety and security as well. No matter what type of trend you decide to incorporate into your bathroom, it’s clear 2016 promises to be one of the most dynamic ones yet when it comes to design and renovation. If you’d like to have these or other trends installed in your Chandler, AZ bathroom, please call ABC Plumbing & Rooter at (480) 726-1600 today. 

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