Coil Cleaning is an Important Part of Your Air Conditioning Maintenance

Coil Cleaning is an Important Part of Your Air Conditioning Maintenance

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As we’ve said in the past, proper maintenance of your air conditioning is key to overall energy efficiency and lifespan of your unit, which saves you money.

Cleaning the coils is a part of this overall maintenance process each year and is easily done by a professional who will use specific equipment and cleaners.

When coils are not cleaned on a regular basis, particles can build up making the unit work harder with less efficiency.  These dirty coils can also have a negative impact on your air quality as dust an pollen get into these coils, clogging them resulting in being let out into the air in your home.  The growth of bacteria, mold and other unhealthy organisms can result from unclean coils.

Your professional who performs your annual maintenance has a series of steps when it comes to cleaning the condenser and coils and can incorporate the coil cleaning into your overall maintenance.

Pressurized water is used to flush dirt and debris from the coils along with a specific type of cleaner.

Your walls and floors are protected during the cleaning to ensure that excess water and the cleaner used to clean the coils stays off furniture, floors, and walls.

The coils will be treated with a specific EPA-approved product to prevent mold and mildew protecting them from any odor-causing bacteria.

All of the condenser coils will be cleaned as well when the indoor coils are cleaned as well to keep them from getting clogged or any bacteria forming.

While cleaning the coils is certainly something you could do yourself with the right equipment and cleaners, having it performed as part of an overall maintenance plan for your plumbing, duct cleaning and HVAC service makes it easier to keep up and keep all of your systems working efficiently and safely.

Give us a call to set up your annual maintenance plan created to fit your home and needs. And, as always we are happy to answer any questions you may have about your home and how to help your systems run more efficiently.

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