Common Household Electrical Issues

Common Household Electrical Issues

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What may seem like a small thing, could actually be a sign of an underlying issues when it comes to your home electrical system.  Not only is cost of repair something of a consideration, but more importantly, the cost of safety to you and your family. Here are a few of the more common signs that you have an electrical problem:

Surges—surges can come from lightning, power line damage, faulty appliances and even bad electrical wiring. Surges can cause significant damage to the electrical components in your home. It could be an electrical device connected to the home grid or the wiring. If you are not sure how to check for devices, your best bet is to consult a professional electrician.

Dips—dips in electrical supply could also be connected to the grid through faulty devices and cheap materials. These things can drain your power when turned on.

Light switches—if you have switches that don’t seem to activate anything at all could mean that fixtures have been removed or faulty wiring, outlet or circuit.  It’s a good idea to consult with a professional if you are experiencing light switch issues.

Circuit overload—if your circuit breakers are tripping a lot, you might be experiencing circuit overload.  Be sure to limit electrical use on a single circuit, especially when high watt devices are being used. Spread your electrical needs around.

Light bulbs—find light bulbs are burning out way too often in your home? There could be bad wiring or bulbs that are too high in wattage. Sometimes isolating the issue can be tricky. Call a professional to help you identify the exact cause.

Shocks—electrical shocks generally happen when you turn a device off. It could be because of the appliance or because of the wiring. In order to not risk another shock, it’s best to contact a professional to take a look at the cause.

When dealing with electrical issues, put safety first. Call a professional when you have questions.

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