Crazy Things We Find in Our Drains

Crazy Things We Find in Our Drains

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We have talked a lot about what NOT to put down our drains in order to prevent those nasty clogs, so we thought we’d share some stories from around the country of some of the craziest things that have clogged drains because they got dropped into toilets or inadvertently fell down a drain.

Teeth and other personal items. By teeth we mean dentures. Yes, a plumber went to clear what he believed was a standard toilet clog only to find a whole set of dentures in the pipe! And, as he went a little further, found a pair of sunglasses. Someone’s identity was just found.

Cleaning supplies. Find yourself using a mop to clean your toilet? You might want to rethink that idea. One plumber found an entire mop head in the drain that had separated from the handle and been flushed. This is right up there on the “do not flush” list along with those toilet bowl cleaners that are disposable but should be thrown in the trash.

Money and jewelry. We’ve all heard about rings and bracelets and other items of jewelry heading down the drain as we’re washing dishes or cleaning. One plumber retrieved a very expensive bracelet by removing the toilet and pulling it out of the pipe. And another plumber retrieved several thousand dollars in coins from a clogged pipe.

Lose your head? Imagine finding out that you lost your wig down the toilet. That’s what one plumber found at a night club. As he was snaking the toilet, out came a bright red wig!

Toys. If you’ve got a toddler, you’ve more than likely experienced toys in the toilet. Many action figures, toy cars, and other small toys have been fished out of pipes probably sent down to explore by curious little ones.

Phones. It seems to more common to find phones that “slipped out of pockets” in clogged drains, a constant fear for money in our world today.

Find you have a clogged drain you just can’t seem to resolve yourself? Just give us a call! We’re happy to help find those lost items!



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