Mind the Plumbing in Your Outdoor Living Space

Mind the Plumbing in Your Outdoor Living Space

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There is definitely a trend in expanding our home footprint to include the outdoor space. People have moved way beyond using their backyards for grilling and the pool.

From wet bars to kitchens and even bathrooms, people are definitely making the best use of the space they have while enjoying the outdoors at the same time!

And because plumbing techniques and appliances have come a long way, it is now possible to create that amazing outdoor space you want.

Up-flush plumbing, above-floor macerating plumbing systems allow for the easy addition of sinks, wet bars and toilets regardless of where the plumbing is located inside. You won’t need to tuck a sink or shower against the wall next to the indoor plumbing. The systems are compact and don’t require cutting into the concrete if you plan to place your appliance on an existing patio.

Outdoor kitchens. Today’s outdoor kitchens go way beyond the early days of the concept. Now along with grills, they include cooktops, sinks with running water and even pizza ovens. Using up-flush plumbing over traditional plumbing techniques means greater flexibility when it comes to the design of your outdoor space.  It is even quite possible to put in that desired dishwasher!

Outdoor showers. Having an outdoor shower can be great if you have a pool or live by any body of water with mud that can be tracked are a great thing. By using the same up-flush plumbing, you can create an outdoor shower virtually any place you want to put it.

Wetbars.These great additions to outdoor space, using up-flush plumbing allows you the flexibility to place that wet bar virtually anyway, including in your garage if that’s where you want to do a little extra entertaining. And, you won’t need a drain because the plumbing can handle the wastewater removal.

Outdoor bathrooms. Up-flushing makes it easy to put that outdoor bathroom anywhere you want it in your outdoor living space. Adding that extra bathroom can really help out if you do a lot of outdoor entertaining!

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