Dealing With a Slab Leak? Don't Delay

Three Ways to Prevent a Slab Leak

Slab Leaks happen for a number of reasons. Copper water piping used in many residential homes fails for a number of reasons some of which are preventable. Corrosion of pipes and erosion of soil are uncontrollable factors that are bound to happen, but properly caring for your pipes will keep these factors from becoming a major problem.

Chandler, AZ slab leakPH Level of Your Water

Your water’s PH level being too low or too high can have an adverse effect on your pipes. The PH level of your water determines how soft or how hard your water is. Both soft water and hard water is not good on copper pipes and creates a corrosive environment for them. Contact a local plumber to determine the PH level of your water.

Correct Water Pressure

Ensure that your water pressure is correct. Water traveling too fast through the copper pipes, more than seven feet per second, will collect copper from the pipe as it travels. Over time, the copper pipe wears down in certain spots and holes begin to form causing leaks. Slow water, on the other hand, is just as bad. As your water heats up, certain minerals separate from the water. These minerals mixed with the calcium tend to get heavy and can stick to the bottom of the pipe if the water is not moving through the pipe fast enough. The collection of minerals and calcium collecting on the bottom causes corrosion and, over time, holes in your pipes. Contact a local plumber to determine whether your pressure is too high or too low.

Household Chemicals

While typical chemicals to unclog drains are convenient when your sink will not drain, they are not friendly to your pipes. They remove the clogs so that your drains work properly, but they also adversely affect your copper pipes. The same chemicals that attack the clog to remove it from the drain also attack your pipes and cause holes and leaks. Look for alternative products to clear stubborn clogs from drains and spare the life of your pipes. Keep a close eye on your water bill and watch for changes in it. Your water bill should remain relatively consistent over a period of years, and any changes in this can indicate a problem. Plumbers are not only there to fix problems, they are also available to help prevent problems. Have a local plumber make regular visits to ensure all gauges and plumbing lines are operating properly and ensure there is proper flow through all lines. With proper care and routine maintenance, you can do your part to prevent the nightmare of a slab leak.

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