Do You Need Water Treatment in Your Home?

What’s the Difference Between Hard Water and Soft Water?

The majority of the water in the United States has been deemed as hard water. The amount of calcium and magnesium deposits in the water separate hard water from soft. When looking at the properties of hard water, it is interesting to see some of the results this type of water usage creates on a daily basis. Hard water is healthy to drink but it has a peculiar aftertaste due to the minerals it contains.

Chandler Plumbing ServicesMineral Deposits on Shower Heads

Facets and showerheads will show signs of mineral deposits due to the use of hard water. It is also evident that this type of water is being used whenever dishes and glasses that have been washed in a dishwasher come out with a film and spots on them. It may be spots on clothes that have been washed in a washing machine. It will take more dish detergent due to water not properly combining with the detergent. Most plumbing problems are due to clogged or broken pipes. Over the years, the mineral deposits build up in the pipes which cause costly repairs for the homeowner. By the time the damage is discovered, thousands of dollars are spent to unclog the pipes. Appliances like dishwashers and washing machines can be affected and not work properly.

Soft Water, Better for Your Skin

Soft water is surface water from rivers, lakes and rain water. It has sodium in it which causes it to taste salty but it is definitely safe to drink. Some may decide to use a water purifying system to take away the salty taste. One benefit of soft water is that it does not cause the skin to be dry and flaky like hard water does. Since the water is kind to clothing when washed, it reduces the family clothing expense especially for household with multiple children.

The Product of an Old Plumbing System?

Older homes at some point may need the plumbing replaced, but the likelihood of major problems caused by mineral build ups when using soft water is minimal. The chances of having problems with appliances or pipes are lessened. Buying an older house is a risk and it is important for the homeowner to know if soft water is being utilized. Soft water extends the life of most bathroom and kitchen facets and pipes because the mineral build up is almost non-existent. For the prudent customer, soft water is kinder to the budget. The long term monetary savings regarding household repair will be greatly appreciated.

Knowing the differences between hard & soft water in your Chandler, AZ home is important. Call ABC Plumbing & Rooter at (480) 726-1600 to learn more about treatment options!

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