The Importance of a Good Duct Design

The Importance of a Good Duct Design

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The impact of your duct design when it comes to heating and cooling your home can have a tremendous impact on your own comfort. Your home’s ductwork system is a vital component that extends from your overall HVAC system as well as your central furnace or heat pump. It is essential to making sure heated and cooled air is carried throughout your home efficiently and safely.

A poorly designed ductwork system can decrease the efficiency of the air distribution, not to mention accounting for a loss of the air traveling throughout the system due to poor installation, damage or leaks.

This can create an increase in utility bills as your HVAC system and the furnace will have to work harder to reach the temperature you set on your thermostat.

With poorly designed ducts, you may also see an increase in the chance that contaminants get pulled into the air distribution and sent throughout your home.  And, with these systems, you could also see a decrease in air quality due to those contaminants, such as mold and dust that are now within your ductwork system.

Working with a professional to design an effective ductwork system, you’ll benefit from the most important elements of duct design.

There is a standard ductwork configuration that is designed and installed in patterns that promote efficiency and performance and affect how well the air is distributed.

The size of the ductwork is also important. If they are too small, they won’t carry enough air through to keep your home at the desired temperature.  If they are too big, the air velocity can increase to the point of making the ducts noisy.

And then there’s the number of return ducts within your system.  If there aren’t enough return ducts, your cooling and heating units won’t be able to produce enough air.

Installation and proper sealing round out the job to ensure that the ductwork system works efficiently and safely for your home.

A solid professional who is proficient in air duct design can create the best ductwork system for your home. He or she can also evaluate your current system and offer suggestions for improvements.

Call us with any questions you have about your existing ductwork system or if you’re looking to have one designed and installed.

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