Electrical Safety At Home

Electrical Safety At Home

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Electricity brings us the home comforts of heating and cooling, entertainment and cooking great meals. Sometimes we may take for granted that everything is working properly and safely as appliances operate the way they are supposed to and we’re comfortable with the temperature in our homes.

It’s important to ensure that everything continues to operate efficiently and safely, especially as your home and appliances begin to show signs of wear. Here are some tips on keeping you and your family safe when it comes to the electrical system in your home.

Power Cords. It’s important to replace or repair damaged power cords when you see exposed wiring. Cover it with electrical tape or just have it replaced altogether.

Outlets. Overloading your outlets can actually cause a fire or, at the very least, trip your breaker or blow a circuit. Your outlets are only designed to take so much and so many devices at one time. Be sure to also check to see if you need to update or replace your outlets if you find that they are tripping the breaker on a regular basis.

Extension Cords. Extension cords are great if you need to just add a couple of things that are appropriate into an outlet. Make sure they are energy efficient! But if you run too many extension cords, you create more than one possible hazardous situation. From damage to the outlet and your system to an issue with tripping over too many cords, you are better off talking to a professional about adding outlets.

Water. It goes without saying that even the slightest exposure of electricity to water can cause an injury. In bathrooms and kitchens especially, be sure to wipe up water and spills off counters that are close to outlets and appliances.

Small Children. Be sure to put tamper-resistant safety covers on outlets if you have small kids in the house. Keep all cords out of the way of the little walkers to avoid tripping and playing with cords.

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