Ew, Discolored Water!

Ew, Discolored Water!

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Why Is Your Water Discolored

One of a Chandler homeowner’s biggest concerns is ensuring that the water flowing through the private living space is clean and clear. When water becomes discolored, it is almost always an indication that something is amiss in your home. Luckily, determining why your water has become discolored empowers you to make the changes necessary to get your home back in safe, sanitary condition. With that idea in mind, consider the following information regarding common causes of water discoloration:

Chandler, AZ Water Filtration ServicesRust

One common factor that causes water discoloration is rust. In the event that your water turns orange, red, or yellow, rust is likely the culprit. Although rusty water does not cause serious health problems, it is an issue that needs to be addressed and resolved immediately. Typically, rusty water results from the pipes in your home or the city’s main water line. Signs that the underlying cause is the city’s main water line include a sudden color change, discoloration at all faucets, and color issues arising when you use cold water. On the other hand, you can be fairly certain that the underlying factor is your own water pipe when the discoloration results from the use of hot water, transpires at one faucet, or clears after several minutes.


In the event that your water turns black, you are likely experiencing a mold issue. This is a quite serious matter because a mold invasion can engender a wide range of negative health consequences. Some of them include itchy eyes, runny nose, chronic fatigue, lung complications, respiratory issues, drowsiness, and asthma attacks.

Copper Pipe Issues

In some cases, people will find that their water turns a greenish-blue color. This water can form stains in the sinks or bathtubs of your Chandler home. Typically, this type of discoloration signals that there is an issue with your copper plumbing as the copper from your pipes is melding with water and lending it a green shade. Copper can be dangerous in large quantities and can even cause liver or kidney damage if consumed for an extended period of time.

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