Extend The Life of Your Pipes

Extend The Life of Your Pipes

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Chandler PlumberHow to Extend the Life of Your Plumbing Piping System

The plumbing pipe system in your home is often not something you are overly concerned with until trouble strikes. Depending on the severity of the trouble, you could be spending a significant amount of money to have the repairs done throughout the house.

Rather than spending several thousand dollars to repair damage to the plumbing system, taking better care of the pipes will save you money and help extend the life of all those parts.

Never Use Chemical Drain Cleaners

The first reaction many people have when the drains become clogged is to grab a bottle of liquid drain cleaner and fix the problem. Homeowners are not aware of all the dangers of using these products to clear clogs, first of all the damage being done to the inside of the pipes.

When the liquid drain cleaner sits inside certain sections of the pipe, it slowly eats away at the pipe strength, causing areas to become weak and brittle. When the pipes lose their strength, a rupture of the line can occur at just about anytime day or night, resulting is serious water leakage.

Keep The Pipes Clear

If you want to ensure your plumbing piping system lasts longer without incident, stop putting the things that cause those troubles in the first place into the drains. In the kitchen you should avoid fruit peels, spaghetti, and rice, all of which easily get trapped deep down in the pipes. In the bathroom you must keep tampons, condoms, dental floss, and paper towels from being flushed down the toilet.

Once these items get into the pipes, they easily get lodged in the tight turns of the piping system and attract other smaller items to them. The end result is a small clog that grows to an impassable clog very easily.

Schedule Preventative MaintenanceChandler Plumbing

Rather than risk damage to the pipes, put down the liquid drain cleaner and call your local plumbing repair company to do a maintenance check. The plumber will first inspect the pipes exterior and interior using specialized equipment.

Then they will scrub clean the interior of the pipes that have buildup causing water flow restrictions. Finally, they will be in the best position to locate any potential problems long before they become serious emergencies. This one visit from a local plumbing professional could save you thousands in repair should anything go wrong with the piping system.

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