Get a Plumbing Inspection Before Moving In!

The Benefits of Plumbing Inspections for New Homeowners

Chandler Plumbing InspectionsExcessive moisture in a home due to poorly maintained plumbing can result in expensive repairs and unexpected health problems. That’s why it’s essential that prospective homeowners invest in a comprehensive plumbing inspection prior to purchasing a home.

With the aid of modern home inspection technology, an experienced plumber can identify hidden moisture problems. It’s always what you don’t know that leads to costly repairs.

Investing in the Future

The purchase of a family home or investment property is an important part of the American dream. The services of a professional home inspector can help keep that dream from turning into a financial nightmare. Prospective home buyers rarely give the plumbing a second thought, but excessive moisture can harm the materials and living environment of a home. Moreover, excessive moisture is an equal opportunity enemy of homes and homeowners. Even expensive luxury homes can be permanently damaged by faulty plumbing. Evaluating the structural integrity of a home is a vital aspect of the home buying experience. Water is public enemy number one when it comes to building materials. It’s easy to imagine the damage that water from leaky pipes and fixtures can do to wood, sheetrock, insulation, concrete and more. Unfortunately, those troublesome leaks are difficult to detect unless you know where to look. A thorough plumbing inspection can reveal leaks that can damage walls, attics, basements, floors and roofs. Even outside leaks can result in exterior damage and expensive water bills.

Surprise, Surprise

The last thing a new home owner wants is an expensive surprise after a residential or commercial real estate deal has closed. The property, certainly the plumbing, should be in pristine condition at the time of purchase. Necessary repairs should be completed by the seller prior to closing. Have you ever thought of what’s going on inside the wall of a home? Water leaks never take a day off. They can even damage the electrical wiring.

Health and Happiness

Don’t underestimate the harm that excessive moisture in a home can impose on family members or employees. Water allows mold, mildew and fungus to develop and thrive. It’s not easy to detect the moisture seeping into a ceiling, inside a wall or under a carpet.Chandler Plumber Prospective homebuyers can protect their future and improve their negotiating position by investing in a plumbing inspection by a qualified plumbing professional. Plumbing inspections allow new homeowners to get it right before making the wrong buying decision.

Moving soon? Call ABC Plumbing & Rooter at (480) 726-1600 for impeccable inspection services in the Chandler area.

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