Getting Down to the Nitty Gritty of Sewer Line Issues

3 Common Causes of Sewer Line Problems

Chandler Plumber plumbing-fixtures_720Usually the time that most people really pay attention to their sewer lines is when a significant problem arises. The severity of these issues can cost a homeowner significantly, all of which can be avoided to a degree if you allow a local plumbing professional to provide your plumbing a complete preventative inspection each year. These three common causes of sewer line problems can often be eliminated with a sewer line cleaning each year.

Growing Tree Roots

Tree roots tend to grow very close to the sewer lines, and each year they inch closer in their pursuit of water. The roots will find the weakest part of the sewer line and penetrate the pipe in the smallest of seams. As they thicken, they begin to create a larger opening, then clogging the inside of the sewer pipe. When you contact your local plumbing company to do a preventative maintenance check of the entire system, they will deploy an inline camera that will easily find the location of the tree root damage. Then the repair team will utilize high pressure water jetting to break the roots free without further damaging the pipe.

Outdated Plumbing Materials

Many older homes made use of plumbing materials that were not designed to last several decades without replacement. Homes that utilized clay sewer pipes start to break down and cause significant leaks over time. Your local plumbing repair company can inspect the pipes from the inside, determining how severe the trouble and which sections need replacement sooner than later. It might be more cost effective to have the team replace the pipes with modern material now, rather than returning on emergency calls every time a new section of the sewer pipe ruptures.

Clogs From Home DebrisChandler Sewer Line Repar

Each day several items are finding their way into the sewer lines that can cause a significant blockage down the line. Items like dental floss, paper towels, sanitary napkins, and condoms, once flushed down the toilet can get trapped in the tight turns of the plumbing pipes. Over the course of a year these can cause a serious blockage, and require a professional to break clear. Your local plumbing professional will perform an annual sewer cleaning utilizing one of several techniques to ensure these items are removed and water flows freely through the entire system Preventative maintenance is well worth the annual cost, saving you money each year in costly emergency repair bills.

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