What Goes Down Your Drain?

Garbage Disposal Installation

  Chandler PlumberHaving a garbage disposal installed in your sink comes with several advantages for the homeowner. Here are the top 10 reasons to have a garbage disposal installed by your local professional plumbing company.  


1. It is more convenient to simply push leftover food right from the plates into the drain and then garbage disposal. The cleanup process each evening will go much faster. 2. No longer will your garbage cans stink throughout the day and night until they are taken outside. Less food in the garbage reduces those odors that many become nose blind to throughout the day.


3. With less food particles in the garbage can, you are less likely to attract insects into your home. Less garbage equals less flies, and less disease carrying insects in a good thing in any home. 4. By using the garbage disposal on a regular basis, you are filling up your garbage bags less frequently. This means you will be making less trips to the supermarket to buy bags each week, and these bags can be a very costly expenditure each month. 5. When you place more foods in the garbage disposal and less in the trash, you are sending less refuge to the landfills. Every bag of trash you can keep out of your local landfill will save money and help to preserve the natural resources of the planet. 6. The garbage disposal is a convenience that many homeowners enjoy. This small little appliance is something you can add to the list of amenities in your home when it comes time to put the home up for sale.


7. When you place food in the garbage disposal, you put less trash at the curb. less trash means the garbage trucks burn less fuel to transport waste to the landfill, and can help to control rising taxes in your town.Chandler Garbage Disposal Installation 8. When you place the food in the trash after dinner, that rotting food lies in the garbage can for up to a week. That smell attracts the likeness of stray dogs, bears, and raccoons. These animals are extremely dangerous around your home because they carry a host of diseases. 9. Drop a few lemon or orange rinds down the disposal and run a few seconds, the air quality in the home will improve with a hint of citrus. 10. If more families used a garbage disposal, the levels of carbon monoxide in the landfills would decrease significantly.

Smelling a stink in the sink in your Chandler area home? That means you need a garbage disposal. Just call ABC Plumbing and Rooter at (480) 726-1600, and have an expert install one today!

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