Got A Lot of Noise?

Got A Lot of Noise?

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Hearing your water pipes clatter? There could be a few reasons why this is happening from a water hammer, loose mounting straps or even water pressure that’s too high.

Water Hammers

A water hammer is that incredible noise that occurs when water finds a closed valve has nowhere to go and comes to an abrupt stop. A racket and “hammering” action occurs as a result and can actually cause damage to the connections and joints.

Air chambers exist to act as a cushion near a faucet or valve exists to prevent this water hammer from happening.

In order to eliminate the water hammer, you’ll need to have all of the air chambers replenished with air by eliminating all the water from the pipes allowing air into the chambers.

Loose Mounting Straps

A loose strap allows pipes to freely vibrate against frames as water is turned on and off. Check all accessible pipes to ensure that they are properly connected and tightened.

Water Pressure

Water pressure that’s too high can cause noisy pipes. It’s important to test and adjust the water pressure and install a water pressure regulator if you don’t have one.

Getting rid of noisy pipes is something your local plumbing professional is equipped to do for you. Give us a call!


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