Here's What You Should do About Leaky Faucets

Here's What You Should do About Leaky Faucets

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Plumber Recommended Methods for Fixing a Leaky Faucet

Although leaky faucets are an inconveniencing household issue to deal with, learning what steps to implement to fix the equipment in your home can save you a hassle and a headache.

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Here’s What To Do

  Get the leaky faucet in your Chandler home back in working order right now by using the following simple strategies:

  1. Turn the cold and hot water valves off. These valves should be located underneath the sink. Next, turn your faucet on and allow the last bit of water to completely trickle out so that the water lines are drained.
  2. Remove the handle of the faucet by taking the screw cover off. You can use an Allen wrench or screwdriver to take the screw off. Next, lift the faucet handle.
  3. Examine your adjusting ring and cap. If the faucet appears to be emitting water from these areas, you should use pliers to tighten the adjusting ring. If this doesn’t prevent the leaking, you should buy new springs and seats.
  4. Unscrew the adjusting ring and remove it. Next, place a cloth over your dome-shaped cap for gripping purposes. Then unscrew the cap with pliers. Make sure that you don’t use a lot of pressure during this process or you could risk bending the cap.
  5. Pull your round metal stem out. Once you do so, take the ball out. Also remove the piece referred to as the “cam and packing.” In the event that this is the area from which the leaking comes, you should replace the packing and cam to resolve the issue.
  6. Check your valves to find a tiny mechanism referred to as the “seats and springs.” The seat is a tiny circular object. The spring is found under the seat. You can utilize your Allen wrench to take out the spring and the seat.
  7. Replace the old seat and spring set with a new one. You can do this by threading a set onto your Allen wrench through the seat’s flat side. You will then thread through the spring’s skinny end. Use your wrench to place the spring and seat into the hole within the valve. Repeat this process with your other set.
  8. Replace your ball assembly. To do so, align the valve and pin to the slot found on your ball. Your next step is replacing your cam and packing. Do so by aligning your tab on top of the cam with the slot on your valve.
  9. Use your hand to screw the cap back on the valve. Then replace your adjusting ring and tighten the fixture with pliers. Your final step is reinstalling your handle.


Get Started Now

The simple plumbing tips outlined above can help you fix a leaky faucet correctly and quickly. You can also attain fast, friendly plumbing service by calling ABC Plumbing & Rooter at (480) 726-1600.

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