How Do You Choose a Thermostat?

How Do You Choose a Thermostat?

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We’ve discussed the importance of maintaining your air conditioning unit along with getting a new air conditioning unit.  But did you know that you may have choices on features when it comes to the type of thermostat system you have?

The first thing you need to know is what kind of thermostat system you currently have in your home:

Single-stage. An example of this is if you only have a gas, forced-air heater or an electric air conditioning system and a separate heating system.  Single-stage heating or cooling means only one level of heat output. You’ll have a separate air conditioning system from your heating system. This is the most common.

Multi-stage. Multi-stage means more than one level of heating or cooling. If you have this type of heating or cooling, the setting is enough to meet your household demands most of the time, running for longer periods and a more even output distribution. You can switch to emergency heating or cooling with this system.

Heat pump. This single system handles both heating and cooling. If you have this type of system, you don’t need a separate heating and cooling system.

Multi-stage heat pump. This is the most advanced system as it operates like a multistage but you can operate both cooling and heating from the one system more efficiently.

Line voltage. This system uses direct current instead of the 24 volts like typical thermostats in newer homes. These are used in older homes and are common in construction that includes baseboard and electric heaters.

A line voltage single pole thermostat system does not allow you to shut off the power to the system. You can turn the heat or cooling way up or way down, but never off. These type of systems are good for vacation properties.

A line voltage double pole thermostat system does allow you to completely shut the power off to the unit.

Now, what about the features of your thermostat?

You can choose between programmable, digital or mechanical types.

The programmable types can have touch screens and be programmed based on the hour and day. Digital thermostat units are not programmable and but have a digital read on the face. Mechanical work with mercury systems and are the original types of thermostats.

As always, if you have any questions, just let us know.

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