ABC Plumbing & Rooter | How Should I Properly Dispose of Wet Wipes?

ABC Plumbing & Rooter | How Should I Properly Dispose of Wet Wipes?

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Wet wipes are not made up of the same material as toilet paper, and many people don’t realize it. The If they wipe themselves with wet wipes, they can flush it down as if it were toilet paper. If you feel the thickness of toilet paper compared to a wet wipe, they may be somewhat similar, depending on the type of toilet paper you’re used to using, but the wet wipes are definitely more durable than toilet paper. Toilet paper is given its name because it’s meant specifically for toilets and can biodegrade very quickly, sometimes within a day. Chandler, AZ DIY-wet-wipes-1Wet wipes are great for cleaning babies and even cleaning adults, but they are not easily biodegradable, and several weeks may pass before the wipes finally break down, especially if they are sitting in a sewage system. Since some sewage systems are only made to handle toilet paper and easily degradable particles, the wet wipes can cause problems for the systems and may not be able to be processed, which likely will cause large clogs. Since sewage treatment centers receive waste from all over the city, imagine if everyone was flushing wet wipes and how large the clog would be and how many problems the sewage treatment center would have. Many plumbers will even suggest to their customers that they not flush wipes down the toilet because of the fact that they’ve had clogs before caused by the wipes, and the wipes are not flushable as the label may suggest. Since many companies that create these wipes know that they are typically used on babies when they are getting a dirty diaper changed, they expect that the parent will throw the wipe and the diaper into the trash. Although some wipes are specifically made to be flushed, they still are not good enough to flush down the toilet because their thickness helps the cause the wipe to get stuck somewhere in the sewage line, causing a clog later on.

Wet wipes are regular culprits of clogs.

Wet wipes that are flushed as a single wipe can possibly pass through the system without a problem, but when the wipes are flushed several times a day, then the problem starts. Even if all the wipes go through your system without causing a clog, wherever the waste ends up, which is likely in a sewage treatment center, they’ll get the brunt of the problem from the wet wipes. If you do get clogs in your drainage system, then it can be anywhere within the home or even out in the yard where the pipes are buried, and it may mean that you’ll have to have your plumber dig up the pipes to get to the large clog. If a clog is bad enough, then it’s possible that many different methods have to be used to remove it, and in some cases, replacing the pipes may even be necessary. Plumbers regularly complain about clogs caused by wet wipes, but those who use them are still not disposing of the wipes in a proper manner but are flushing them down the toilet. Even with the costly repairs that have been associated with flushing wet wipes continuously, people still keep flushing them down the toilet, which may cause clogs that affect several drains around the home.

Chandler, AZ DIY-wet-wipes-2Clogged drains may only be a part of the problem.

It’s possible that a clogged drain is only one part of the problem, but several other problems may exist. Any drainage system in the home can possibly back up if you continue to flush the wipes, and they have clogged up the system. Even using a garbage disposal unit properly may become a problem, and there can be backed up drains all over the home. You would hate to take a shower and not see the water drain, just as you wouldn’t want the bath water you bathed in not to drain, but this is possible if there is a large enough clog in your drainage system. What’s even worse is how the clog will be removed, especially since not every clog can be removed by simply using a plunger or a small snaking tool or getting toilet repair. A plumber is likely going to have to come out with an electric snake that can snake the entire drain, and if it’s required, a camera may be used if the clog cannot be found, and the drains are still backed up. Many times a plumber will also consider using hydro jetting, which has been able to remove some clogs but not all. The longer a clog is there, the more materials that are stuck to it, and the bigger the clog is, the harder it will be to remove. If the clog is no longer in the home but outside of the home where the plumbing is, then there is a real possibility that some digging will have to take place, which can be extremely costly and take a lot of time to get your plumbing back to normal.

Let your plumber fix your problem.

When you’re having plumbing problems, you should always call your plumber, but if you know that wet wipes are the main culprit for the plumbing problems you’re having now, then make sure you get your plumber immediately because the problem will simply get worse. Since wet wipes take so long to biodegrade, you may experience the clog for weeks if not months if you don’t get the plumber out to fix the problem, so don’t delay any longer, especially since plumbers can: Remove clogs Clean drains Fix toilets with draining problems Ensure that all drains are clear Replace drains or pipes if necessary Remove clogs, and get toilet repair by getting a hold of ABC Plumbing & Rooter at (480) 726-1600 today!

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