How Your Home May Be In Danger From Flooding: Even During This Phoenix Summer!

How Your Home May Be In Danger From Flooding: Even During This Phoenix Summer!

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While floods are often linked to prolonged heavy rains, they are not uncommon during summer. What is difficult to visualize is exactly where and when they will strike. It is also hard to tell how hard they will strike and the damage they are likely to cause.

For these reasons, you shouldn’t take chances or think that they will not occur during the summer. Various reasons trigger floods during the summer. Thus, homeowners should take precautions and prepare adequately for floods during all seasons.

It is a great idea to keep in contact with a reliable and trustworthy plumbing company. In Phoenix, ABC Plumbing & Rooter Company has been providing effective and long-lasting water surge protection solutions to homeowners since 1968.

Sometimes, homeowners are caught off-guard by storms and flooding that result in huge home damages. Such unexpected occurrences are likely to occur, particularly during summer, when floods are least expected. 

So why do floods happen in the year’s warmest season?

Floods can occur after heavy rains, regardless of whether the rain falls for a short or prolonged period. They can also happen as a result of melting snow, which combines with rainwater during winter or early spring.

Besides, when the sun is hotter and shinning brighter during summer, it makes a lot of water in the form of moisture to evaporate than during other seasons. As a result, there are high chances of experiencing heavy rain at the peak or end of summer. These rains are more likely to result in floods.

During summer, lighter steering winds that aloft result in thunderstorms that make storms cluster to move slower. As this movement becomes slower, it creates the possibility of experiencing prolonged rains that may cause flooding.

Arizona is one of the prime spots for floods in the US. Over the years, different regions in the state have experienced flash floods summer. Such floods have not only caused damages in cities but have also resulted in many damages in homes, not to mention the loss of life. The mud that is carried by floodwater is strong enough to carry houses, trains, and vehicles. 

Effect of flood damage on your home

Floods can result in serious damage to the foundation of your house. This is particularly if the house is built on soil that has a lot of clay and where houses are constructed on concrete slabs. Flooding causes the clay soil to become saturated, thereby causing it to expand unevenly. This causes some parts to lift up while others remain low. The effect of this movement is cracking of the floor slabs.

Flood water may cause embedded pipes to block or even rupture. This occurs especially when the floor or walls develop cracks. Blocked or ruptured pipes may result in the spillage of water inside the house or make water flow impossible.

Flood water usually move rapidly and can erode the soil under the concrete slabs. This weakens the foundation and makes it very insecure to live in. In such occurrences, it is advisable to have the house assessed by a professional before entering or living in it.

Flooding may damage the foundation of a house and make doors as well as windows difficult to open and close. This occurred after the frames of windows and doors have been distorted because of the drifting of the house. It is not possible to live in a house if its doors or windows cannot close or open.

Most insulating materials including foams and fibers that are used in houses are water absorbent. Once these materials get soaked in flood water, they will require replacement. Moreover, water makes drywalls to become weak. In particular, both water and moisture can trigger the growth and spreading of mold.

While the wall may appear dry, the ceiling may become weak if it got into contact with water. This would require the homeowner to contract a professional who would open, check and eventually clean and dry the affected areas to prevent mould.

Most houses are constructed using wood lumber that can resist flooding. However, when it gets into contact with water, it requires drying to restore its original state and prevent the growth of mold.

Pressure regulator valves

A pressure regulator valve is designed to minimize the incoming water pressure to a more stable or safe downstream level. Based on the valve type, the downstream pressure is determined by an adjustment set fitted on the pressure valve. Some valves utilize an external sensor to regulate pressure.

As the sun sets in summer, water pressure increases rapidly in the ground. When this happens, plumbing, gaskets, and faucets are likely to burst if pressure regulator valves are not installed. The bursting of the water piping system results in flooding.

Unfortunately, this type of flooding may be disastrous because it might not be covered by insurance. This is because homeowners are required to have the pressure regulator valves installed in their homes, but not all have implemented this requirement. Therefore, if you experience this kind of flooding, you are likely to incur huge losses that may never be compensated, even if your home is insured.

The good news is that the installation of pressure regulator valves at your home is a less expensive preventive measure that you can implement. In doing so, you will have taken a huge step in preventing flooding and associated damages.

It is common for homeowners, even in Phoenix, to neglect such preventive measures. This is because many take chances and overlook the fact that floods can occur in any season, including summer.

Most people, including homeowners, have for long taken preventive measures only when floods are expected. This is during the seasons when heavy, and prolonged rains are expected. However, preventive measures shouldn’t only be taken when floods are anticipated. This is because it has been proven beyond doubt that floods can occur in any season.

Use a plumbing company with proven success

For all your plumbing needs, you should contact a trustworthy and reliable plumber with proven success. You don’t want just to have pressure regulator valves fitted in your home, but more importantly, you want solutions that will serve you for a long time.

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