Why Get Your Ductwork Inspected?

Why Get Your Ductwork Inspected?

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Hearing a little rattling or finding your indoor air quality less than it should be? Noticing your temperature isn’t constant or your energy bills seem to be going up? It may be time to get your home’s ductwork inspected.

Your ductwork system is out of sight and sometimes goes unnoticed until you suspect an issue. Over time, seals can loosen, tape and ducts can fall away and debris can build up.

When it’s time to get your ductwork system inspected, the best and most thorough way to achieve that is to have an HVAC professional conduct one for you.

But you can get it started by doing a basic inspection to see if you can visually identify any issues.

Grab a flashlight. Be sure to wear any necessary safety gear if you plan to enter into the attic or crawl spaces.

Visually inspect. Check all accessible ductwork for any damage and any inadequate insulation. Check for wet or damp insulation as this is no longer of any value to you and will need to be replaced. Look for disconnected or fallen air ducts.

Use a smoke pencil. A smoke pencil can help you determine if there are any leaks at the seams.

Check the living spaces. Remove a couple of diffusers, the return grille, and the air filter. Look for any debris or mold on the walls.

Check the evaporator. Check for debris, mold, and mildew on the evaporator coils. If you find any, this could mean there is more of it in the ductwork.

If you’re still unsure if you have any leaks or build up of mold or debris or leaks, call your local professional to complete a more thorough inspection. And, if you see any issues, be sure to call a professional to find out how to get your ductwork system back to performing as it should saving you money, maintaining a constant temperature and keeping your air quality high.

As always, give us a call if you have any questions.

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