It’s Summer…How’s the Plumbing?

It’s Summer…How’s the Plumbing?

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The summer months are a great time to check up on your indoor and outdoor plumbing to make sure everything is operating properly. Not to mention, summer can also bring its own set of problems that can be easily handled or even avoided with a little thought and care.

Check all of your hoses and connections

Be sure to check all of your hoses to make sure there are no leaks.  The summer months aren’t often associated with leaks like the winter months are, but leaks can happen at any time and it’s likely more convenient to fix during the warmer season. Don’t forget your washing machine hoses!

Turn all of the valves off and on to check for leaks and function.

Check your water heater

Summer is a great time to check your water heater since it’s generally not used as much during hot weather.  By identifying any issues during the summer, you’re sure to avoid any inconvenience during the winter!

Going on vacation? Turn your water off.

With no one home and using any water, pressure can build up and cause problems while you’re away.  To avoid that and keep your peace of mind while you enjoy vacation time with the family, simply turn off your water system.


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