Keep Shining After Dark with Great Outdoor Lighting

Keep Shining After Dark with Great Outdoor Lighting

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With the great weather and relaxing days of summer, you can keep the outdoor fun going long after dark with some great lighting options.

Here are some tips for outdoor lighting to consider as you create the perfect ambience for family time and entertaining:

Plan ahead.Think about your outdoor space and the size of what you hope to illuminate so that you can calculate the necessary wattage as well as choose the right types of light fixtures. Be sure to contact a professional if you aren’t sure about the right electrical outlets to have, or if you decide you’ll need some additional wiring to create a spectacular outdoor lighted space. Working with electrical isn’t always a do it yourself job.

Use a template to help you with the planning and placement of lighting fixtures and necessary outlets.

Look from the inside out.  Think about what you want to see from the inside out. What does that mean? Look out the windows and the doors leading to the space where you intend to include some additional lighting and think about what you want to see. Do you want soft lighting, or are you looking for something bright enough to shine inside? Do you need some security lighting or landscape lighting further out? What’s the look and feel you want from the inside of your house.

Choose the right lighting in your fixtures.  Subtle lighting is perfect for entertaining. It can be as subtle as some stringing lights or some really great light fixtures. Think about lanterns or pendants, and even lighting from ceiling fans used outdoors for that subtle and not-so-bright lighting. For some of these options, you may even want to consider a dimmer so that you can control the ambiance as well as see what you are doing when you cook!

Think about security. Outdoor lighting also creates a security for home because it lights up the outside of your house. Be sure to include the entry points of your home in our outdoor lighting plan to make sure they are well-lit. Consider motion sensors and floodlights for areas that are darker than you desire to light up for safety.

Always consult a professional with any questions or concerns before you get started on any project. Their help can save you a lot of money in the long run!

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