Leaky Air Ducts? What Does That Mean?

Leaky Air Ducts? What Does That Mean?

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The air ducts in your home are what take that cold and hot air through the house to each room ensuring your temperature is comfortable and just the way you like it.

When there is a leak in those ducts all kinds of problems can arise from inconsistent temperature to costly repairs you didn’t plan on seeing.

If you have leaky ducks, here are a few issues you might be encountering:

Higher bills. Leaks cause air to escape which means, your thermostat setting is creating your furnace or air conditioning to run longer to reach the temperature that in which it is set.

Increased repairs. As your unit is required to run longer to match the thermostat setting, more wear and tear is occurring, speeding up the need for maintenance and repairs. And, those leaks also allow for a build-up of debris in your system which can lead to problems requiring service.

Air quality. When you have leaks in your ducts, the dust, and other debris in your home, attic and crawl spaces gets sucked up into the ducts and then blown back out throughout your home. This can create indoor air quality issues.

Air Filters. With all of that debris running and blowing through your leaky air ducts, your air filter won’t last as long as it should. In fact, you may be surprised how quickly those filters get clogged. And, if the system has to work harder to push air through, it could result in repairs and a higher energy bill.

Air temperature. If you find yourself thinking that the room temperature is not what it is supposed to be, like the air conditioning isn’t even on, it could be because of a leaky duct leading into that particular part of your house. The area isn’t getting all of the cooled or heated air it is supposed to, creating a less than desired comfort level.

There are some things that can be done to solve the issues of leaky ducts. While you can seal the leaks where you can get to them, a large part of your duct system may be very hard to reach. A professional should be called to asses where the leaks are as well as seal those leaks in the hard-to-reach places. There are options available that may prevent having to tear into walls.

Think you might have a leak in your duct system? Give us a call! We’re here to answer any of your questions.

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