Mud and Dirt in Your Outdoor Drains?

Mud and Dirt in Your Outdoor Drains?

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Especially being in the climate that we are in, when it rains, we get a lot of runoff which can mean mud in our drains leading to mud in the pipes.

When mud gets into the pipes, it can cause clogs which can mean trouble if not resolved, including possible flooding around the drain and beyond.

Before you go and dig up the drain, here are some things you can try first to clear the mud that seems to be causing the problem.

Pull out any debris you can reach with your hands. Because you don’t actually know what is in the drain, be sure to wear gloves when you do this! You can use a stick or something similar to reach even further down to grab anything else. Then, shoot some water down the drain to see if you got all of the blockage. And that may be all you need to do!

If you find the drain is still blocked, try a bladder-type drain cleaner. This type of cleaner creates a powerful jet of water allowing you to clear most types of debris from your drain like mud and leaves and other organic material. However, it will not clear items such as rocks and concrete.

At this point, if there is still blockage it may be time to actually go digging to find the blockage, and even replace the pipe if need be.

You may find that it is best to call in a professional, especially if you are hesitant about identifying where the drain is clogged.  A professional will have the necessary and appropriate tools and knowledge to identify and remedy the situation for you.


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