Prepare Your Garbage Disposal Ready for the Holidays

Prepare Your Garbage Disposal Ready for the Holidays

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How To Prevent A Garbage Disposal Disaster On Thanksgiving

What’s That In The Sink?

Picture this: it’s Thanksgiving, and the family is all gathered at your Chandler home for a big dinner. You’re prepping certain foods in the sink, and all the leftovers go down into the garbage disposal. You’re just about to peel the last of the potatoes when you notice the water isn’t running down the sink anymore, but the sink is stopped up. What could be in the sink that’s making the water not drain anymore? Chances are, you hit a disaster points on your Thanksgiving holiday, which is something that many people suffer from on this particular day. Garbage disposals can get a real workout on Thanksgiving, and many of them stop working for good.

Chandler, AZ Garbage Disposal ServicesHow To Tell If Something Is Wrong

There’s an easy way to tell if something is wrong with the garbage disposal unit, in fact, there are several ways to tell. A garbage disposal may be completely broken if it’s no longer functioning. Maybe the blades are spinning, but nothing will drain. It’s also possible that the blades are trying to spin, but they are stuck, or maybe something has wrapped around the blades to keep them from functioning properly. It’s easy to tell if something is wrong with a garbage disposal unit because it doesn’t function the way it’s meant to.

Garbage Disposal No-No’s

Anyone who has a garbage disposal should always know that putting tough objects down the disposal unit is a big no-no. Bones, whether soft or hard, sponges, nonfood items, the husk from corn, rice, oil and more can all be problematic to a garbage disposal unit. Some foods that go down the garbage disposal fine will end up causing problems later because they tend to clog up the drain. Other items may not get past the blades, or the items may simply wrap around the blades and prevent the blades from functioning. Make sure never to put the wrong objects in a garbage disposal unit, and then it will be easier to avoid a disaster any time of year, but especially on Thanksgiving.

Should I Call A Plumber?

Unfortunately, those who end up in a bad position and have their garbage disposal break on Thanksgiving will need to call a plumber to fix the problem. This happens to many Chandler homes throughout the holiday season. Fixing a garbage disposal unit is no easy task, but a plumber can handle it just fine. Worst-case scenario, the plumber will have to replace the unit entirely, but best case scenario is that it will be a small repair.

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