Proper Plumbing Maintenance Tips for the Winter

Proper Plumbing Maintenance Tips for the Winter

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When the icy cold season arrives, make sure that your plumbing systems are maintained properly. Fix small defects before they turn into large, expensive repairs. Cracks cause leaks that drain out warm air from the heater. If the cracks are large enough, a flood can occur easily. Take a few minutes to assess risks and work to avoid them. Follow winter maintenance tips that will maintain the integrity of your plumbing system. One tip is to clear out drain clogs. Every week, use natural products to clean your sink and shower drains. Avoid using harsh chemicals that can damage your pipes. Some clogs are caused by the interference of tree roots. There are plumbers who will inspect the area and extract the roots appropriately. The landscaper is not the only person qualified in this task. Pipe freezing is a common problem during the winter. There are many people who have dealt with frozen or burst pipes that cause major inconveniences. A flood could pour through the walls and ceiling. In the worst cases, it is necessary to replace the walls and room contents. To solve this problem, insulate outdoor and indoor pipes with the right materials. Use foamed tape or sleeves as long as they are not fire hazards. Place safe heaters close to these plumbing fixtures. Every now and then, look over the pipes and remove ice or frost when necessary. Switch off the water supply to any outdoor spigot before it freezes. Even a small amount of frozen water can cause permanent damage. Fix the leak immediately to avoid an unexpected burst. The spigot is the most exposed faucet because it is placed directly outdoors. Good plumbing maintenance includes proper holiday cooking. Cook and dispose of holiday foods carefully. Do not pour oil and grease down the drains, which coats the pipes. Some clogs form and freeze in the cold air. Test out the garbage disposal by running through streams of water. The winter season brings a wide range of plumbing problems along with it. Contact the ABC Plumbing and Rooter Company if you need assistance in winterizing your house. These professionals will evaluate your plumbing systems, show you the problem areas and recommend ways to protect your home from the cold. Set your house for the winter before the weather turns harsh, and save money on repair costs. Rely on the services of ABC Plumbing and Rooter Company so that you become prepared for the winter.

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