Protect Your Drains on Thanksgiving

Protect Your Drains on Thanksgiving

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It’s Thanksgiving and a time for family friends and a lot of food. But, with all of that cooking and preparation, it’s also a time where we can experience clogged drains if we aren’t careful. Here are a few tips to avoid that clog and even a broken garbage disposal.

Pasta. Pasta casseroles are always a crowd-pleaser but keep in mind that pasta does swell when it is cooked and leftovers don’t belong down your drain. Pasta can definitely be a culprit in causing huge drain clogs.

Bones. Turkey bones, while the smaller ones may seem brittle, they can actually dull your garbage disposal blades, cause jams and even burn out your motor as you try to run it after throwing those bones down the sink.

Stringy Veggies. Those stringy and fibrous vegetables such as celery, asparagus, potato skins, and even carrot skins can wrap themselves around your garbage disposal blades and keep them from turning. This can also cause a motor burnout.

Greasy things. Anything greasy like grease from your pan or even turkey skins can clog those pipes as they solidify. Throw your turkey skins in the trash and wipe out pans with paper towels before washing them in your sink.

Eggshells. Yes, even eggshells when enough are ground together can cause clogs in your drain.

Some additional tips for clean up and keeping those drains and garbage:


  • Keep the water on as you put food down your drain.
  • Keep your garbage disposal on as you feed food down the drain. Don’t wait until your sink is full of those leftover pieces.
  • Be mindful of how much food you’re putting down the drain at one time. Don’t overload the sink.



Even after following all of these tips, you still find yourself with a  broken disposer of very clogged drain and pipes, just give us a call! We’re here to help.


As always, let us know if you have any questions.

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