Reduce Your Water Usage Today!

Reduce Your Water Usage Today!

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The Secret to Lowering Your Water Bill

  Receiving an unusually high water bill can be unsettling as a home owner. This is especially true if, as far as you know, nothing has happened out of the ordinary to contribute to that much of an increase. If this happens to you, it is time to do some investigating so that you can find the right professional plumber to fix the problem. High Water Consumption Toilets are known to use the most water in the average household. If your toilet or toilets are running constantly, this will add up to a huge amount of water being wasted. This can lead to a huge water bill. The second biggest source of water use is the washing machine in the average home. If there are any issues with leaks or malfunctions of your machine, this may be a possible cause of a high water bill as well. Some solutions to these problems are to invest in energy efficient models to conserve water and if you do encounter a leak, running toilet or other issue, call a licensed plumber immediately to head off the problem before it gets worse. Pipe or Sprinkler Line Leaks Water used to irrigate your lawn can be in the category of out of sight, out of mind sometimes. If you get a bill that just doesn’t seem right, consider the possibility that you may have a leak in your sprinkler line. Check around your yard and look for puddles and listen for hissing or spPlumbingraying water. The same goes for any other plumbing throughout the home. Look under sinks, faucets, around the bathtub and shower- anywhere that plumbing runs may be the source of the issue. Pools and Other Sources If you are a new homeowner and the house your purchased has a pool, consider the shape of the pool pump and equipment. An unexpectedly high bill may be par for the course if you have water features running non-stop or are adding fresh water too often. Another possible cause of lost water is a leak deep in the main lines of the city’s plumbing system. If your water bill catches you off guard, there is most likely a leak associated with the extra water usage. It is important to call an experienced, reliable plumber as soon as possible to prevent further water loss and damage to your property. Are you spending far too much on your water bill? Take action and call ABC Plumbing today at (480) 726-1600. Your Chandler home will thank you. 

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