Renovation Made Simple

The Ultimate Bathroom Design

Chandler plumberYou may live in a beautiful home or condo, but it is older. Your bathroom needs refreshing. The plumbing is old and needs repair. For example, you are in the shower, you cannot adjust the water temperature. One minute the water is too hot and you move the handle to add more cold water. The next minute you are freezing. The tub is old, and the finish has worm off the porcelain. It is impossible to clean. The sink is worn looking with scratches. You do not have proper storage for simple items such as toilet paper, soap and towels. You would like a beautiful clean, sharp and modern bathroom. You can achieve a fresh new bathroom by upgrading some of the features like the bath tub or you may want a completely new bathroom. The renovation can take the form of a complete tear out and redo, or you may just replace selected bathroom items and plumbing. There are a range of bathroom trends for 2015. It is fun and exciting to examine all the options for a new bathroom.

Shower Enclosures

Taking a shower can be a great experience with innovative shower enclosures. Shower enclosures range from simple showers with one shower head to extreme showers with many jets spraying water from the top and sides of the enclosure. Jet sprays have an array of intensity. There are low intensity jets, which offer soft massages. There are high intensity jet sprays, which provide pressurized streams of water hitting your tired muscles. Shower enclosures now offer a steam room experience. Imagine steaming away the stress of an exhausting day in your own bathroom shower.

BathsChandler Bathroom Remodeling

Baths come in many sizes and functions. There are simple bath tubs that are a porcelain tub that hold water. Other tubs are designed for people who have difficulty climbing into a tub, and these tub are walk in tubs. Then there is the whirlpool tub that provides massaging streams of water. For the ultimate in luxury and relaxation, you may want a whirlpool steam shower and tub combination.

Toilets and Basins

Toilets come in several designs. The real test of a toilet is how comfortable you are sitting on the toilet. When selecting a toilet, you should sit on it first and then make your selection. Basins or sinks come in a variety of styles. There are pedestal sinks, sinks attached to the wall, and cabinet sinks to name a few.

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