Running Toilet Got You Running for Answers?

Running Toilet Got You Running for Answers?

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The Flapper

The rubber stopper inside the tank that lifts to release water into the bowl is called a flapper. Over time the flapper deteriorates causing water to get past it. Check the seal by pushing down the flapper. If the toilet stops running, you’ve identified the need to replace the flapper.

The Fill Tube

The fill tube is the small, plastic tube going from the fill valve to the overflow pipe, which drains the excess water when the tank gets too high. If pressing down the flapper didn’t stop your running toilet, it could be that the fill tube. If it is under water, cut it back until it clears the water level.

The Float

If your float is set too high, the water is forced to rise above the overview pipe, which means the tank never stops draining. To fix it, you simply adjust it.

The Fill Valve

If your toilet is still running in spite of checking the flapper, the fill tube and the float, it is likely time to replace the fill valve. Drain the tank, remove the old valve and take it with you when you purchase a new one so you can be sure to get the right one for the replacement.


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