Safety Lighting for Your Home

Safety Lighting for Your Home

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Keeping your home safe is definitely at the top of your priority list. And, one way to do that is to increase the lighting in and around your home.

Here are a few ways that you can do that:

Outdoor lighting

Security lighting. Install flood lights on the outside of your home. These floodlights can be either motion detectors or lights you manually turn as needed when it is dark or put on a timer. You can also add wall-mounted light fixtures and battery-operated lights to ensure that all of the dark areas of your home are well lit.

Walkways. Use lighting to brighten your walkways and prevent trips and falls while also adding that illumination to your home for safety.

Landscape lighting. Landscape lighting does more than just add beauty and character to your yard. It also adds additional lighting to those dark areas for further protection and deterrents to people attempting to trespass on your property.

Timers. For both in and outdoor lighting, timers are a great way to keep your home well-lit when you are away on vacation.

Indoor Lighting

Stairways. Add lighting in all landings and stairways for added safety when walking up and down the stairs in the dark. Be sure to put a light switch at the top and the bottom of the stairs.

Workspace. Mount lights under kitchen cabinets that can light to your workspace and act as a nightlight after dark. Install lights above any workspace including utility rooms and garages to illuminate for safety and ease eye strain.

Bathroom. Bathrooms are the perfect place to install good nightlights. Make sure there are enough lights that you can see the bathtub, sink, and toilet to avoid running into anything in the dark.

Switches.If you can’t reach the switch to turn on a light, move it. Replace old switches with rocker switches that you can easily turn on and off even if your hands are full.

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