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Installing Plumbing Unevenly

If you’re hanging a picture on the wall, maybe you have a leveler, which will help you to ensure that the picture is straight. It’s the same thing you should do when you install plumbing, as you need to install plumbing straight, and set it properly. If plumbing is not leveled properly, this can lead to many different problems, and you may have to redo the work, and install it again. It’s easy to think that pipes are properly sealed and connected when they really aren’t, and a lack of proper technique could damage your pipes and double the cost of materials for your fix. We coudln’t stress this enough– leave it to us!  

Installing New Plumbing

If you have a home that has two stories, and you have a project that you want to complete upstairs, many may want to do it on their own. The problem with do-it-yourself fixtures on the second floor, is that someone who is inexperienced, may not think of what is downstairs when they do an installation. Misplaced fixtures cause unnecessary damage to your home and greatly reduce its functionality. Have you ever seen a tap labeled H that only has cold water, or a toilet placed several yards away from the roll-holder on the wall? These mistakes can turn day to day tasks into a struggle. Do yourself a favor and leave it to us!

Don’t Cave In To Pressure

How well can you do things when you’re under pressure? Most people may say that they can work just fine, but the fact is, many people make mistakes under pressure. A lot of do-it-yourself mistakes in plumbing are made, because someone is in a rush, they have somewhere to go, or they just want to quickly get it done.
Chandler Plumbing

Chandler Plumbing

If a project is going to take many hours, don’t try to complete it within a few hours, as mistakes will be made. The reality is, every homeowner should hire a professional plumber with years of experience for all of their plumbing needs. It simply isn’t worth the risk.

We’ve seen too many DIY disasters. Save yourself the headache and call the professionals of ABC Plumbing and Rooter at (480) 726-1600 for service in the Chandler area!

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