Summers Can Have an Impact on Your Plumbing!

Summers Can Have an Impact on Your Plumbing!

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Between the heat, kids out of school and guests, the summer months can definitely take a toll on your plumbing.

Expanding pipes. As with extreme cold, extreme heat can also cause your pipes to expand. When this happens, you may even find pipes that burst to cause damage to your plumbing and to your floors and walls. Be sure to keep the temperatures in your home regulated, not only for comfort but for the life of your plumbing system.

Water Pressure. Believe it or not, heat can also have an impact on your water pressure. When those high temperatures hit, it can cause your water pressure to change, making it lower than you are used to on occasion. If you find this to be a continuing issue, call a professional to come to help you fix the problem so you can get back to that normal water pressure.

Water temperature. As temperatures rise outside, it makes sense that the water temperature in your pipes will also rise. This could make it more challenging to get that water temperature a little cooler in your home. You may find that you need to run the water a little longer to get that cooler temperature when you need it, especially from those hoses outdoors.

More clogs. With more people home and in the house, the more likelihood of toilet and drain clogs as sinks and bathrooms get used even more often than during the school and winter months.

As our temperature rises in the upcoming summer months, give us a call if you face any concerns with your plumbing. We’re here to help you prevent any issues that might impact your plumbing in any way.

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