Take Care of that Garbage Disposal!

Take Care of that Garbage Disposal!

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Most of use our garbage disposals for just that, getting rid of food remnants that we consider “garbage” but don’t want in the trash can because of the possible smell created. In order to extend the life of this more-than-useful kitchen appliance, you need to practice some basic care.

Be careful what you put down there. Fibrous foods like banana peels, potato peels and corn husks can actually tangle up the blades of your garbage disposal and stop them from operating. Also, starchy foods like rice as well as egg shells, and coffee grounds can create quite a clog for your pipes.

And, hot water on melted fats can actually make the clog worse.

Suddenly a malfunction?  The first thing you need to do is to turn the switch off before doing anything else. And do not put your fingers into the clogged issue or stopped blades. Use pliers or tongs instead.

Something smell a bit off?  You can get rid of odors in your garbage disposal by running warm water into your garbage disposal as you grind cut lemons.

Keep your disposal clean by filling with ice cubes and rock salt and running it for a few seconds.  Never use bleach or any commercial drain cleaner to try unclogging a clogged disposer.

What’s that tool for? Wondered what that small wrench that came with your unit is for?  You can use it to turn the nut on the base of the unit and pressing the red reset button to help untangle those fibers wrapped around your blades.

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