The Benefits of Water Heater Maintenance

The Benefits of Water Heater Maintenance

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Annual maintenance of your hot water heater by a professional keeps it working properly. Often dirt and sediment build up in the water heater. As time goes on, it rust and works harder to heat water. A professional knows how to drain the tank properly and fix problems quickly.

Draining The Water Heater

A professional will come to drain the water heater by locating where it is in your home. It is often in the basement or garage. The water in the heater is scalding hot and dangerous. Do not do try to drain one yourself. It is often gas or electric depending on the make. The service person will have to shut off the water and valves to the gas or electric connections before they drain the heater. They will drain the water removing sediment, dirt, and rust from the tank. Draining the water heater cleans out the sediment that builds up in the tank over time. This will take about 1/2 hour or more to do. The plumber will flush the water until it runs clean. After they are finished they will refill the tank by turning the water and electric or gas back on. A professional will check the tanks for leaks and faulty parts. They can fix the problem quickly so you are ready for the next season. The often remove several gallons of scalding hot water so it is not a process you would want to do yourself. Calling your local plumber for regular water tank maintenance is a good yearly practice.

Chandler, AZ Annual Plumbing Maintenance ServicesInsulating a Hot Water Heater

By insulating your hot water heater you can save money on electricity and water. A professional can determine if it is needed and do the job properly. This may be an added service to consider to save some money on your month utility bills.

Cleaning The Burner, Thermostat and Anode Rod

A gas or oil fired burner on a water heater needs regular cleaning. That is because it gets clogged with dirt and sediment. It can become so dirty that it does not heat your water correctly. This means a shower that goes cold suddenly or clothes in the washing machine that do not wash at the right temperature. Having a professional inspect and clean the burner is important. Checking the thermostat to make sure it is heating the water properly is important to keep temperature consistent. The anode rod should be checked periodically because it is there to keep your water heater from rusting. These are good reasons to have your water heater checked yearly by a professional plumbing company.

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