The Top 20 Brands ABC Plumbing Uses & Recommends Volume 1

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Knowing which plumbing product brands are most reliable and finding exactly the right product for your specific needs can be confusing. At ABC Plumbing and Rooter, we have taken the guess-work out of your task. What follows is a two-part review of our top 20 heavy hitters in the plumbing industry. Here are the first 10: American Plumber is a water filtration and water treatment product leader. From household to light commercial applications, their products range from under-sink filters to whole-house water systems. American Standard boasts industry leadership for over 100 years. From the best in virtually clog-free toilets to common household fixtures and faucets, American Standard products serve a wide range of plumbing needs. Bach Modern Classics brand of faucets provide years of durable quality and unmatched beauty. Classic styling is combined with modern technology for beauty and functionality. Bradford White brand water heaters are the top pick among contractors when choosing tank style water heaters. These American-made products far outshine the competition when it comes to quality. Brass Craft has been a leader in the plumbing industry since 1946, manufacturing innovative plumbing products for every imaginable project from water and gas supply to drain cleaning. Briggs plumbing products are well known in the industry for quality and longevity. Products range from SAYCO® bathroom and kitchen faucets to high-efficiency toilets. Crane products are some of the most well known in the United States and Canada. Durability, dependability and beauty make them perfect for both residential and commercial uses. Danze continues a trend of producing faucets and fixtures that provide high quality and functionality while employing creative design. Delta sells the number one brand of pull-down faucets, along with a full line of rigorously tested and innovative kitchen and bathroom fixtures such as the Touch20® and In2ition®. Franke is a Swiss manufacturer of some of the world’s best stainless steel sinks who is committed to producing cutting-edge products. Additional products include high-end waste disposal systems and hot and cold water filtering products. The plumbing industry abounds with products for every imaginable plumbing need. Your choices can mean the difference between long-term satisfaction or frustration and wasted money. Call the experts at ABC Plumbing and Rooting and we will be happy to guide you. Continue learning more about our top plumbing brands in our next post.

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