Thinking about a Humidifier?

Thinking about a Humidifier?

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Do you find that the lack of humidity, especially in the winter, creates a few problems for you? Your skin is a little dry and itchy, or you find that you have a scratchy throat a little more often? You may want to consider installing or getting a humidifier for your home. Humidifiers add much-needed humidity into homes in dryer climates.

If you decide this is the road to take, make sure you don’t by a humidifier that adds too much humidity into your home as mold can then become an issue. There are a variety of types to consider when considering one of these units for your home. Here are a few suggestions to help you with the decision process.

Type. There are two types of humidifiers: sonic and evaporative. Sonic modules use agitators that vibrate at a supersonic frequency creating a fine mist. Evaporative models use a fan to blow air over a moist wick.

Sonic models tend to be more popular because of their lower price and lower maintenance. However, the evaporative models can help prevent over-humidification as well as having the mineral deposits captured on the wick so there’s no humidifier dust.

Cleaning. Another key consideration is how easy it is for the humidifier to be cleaned. It’s very important to keep the unit cleaned, as we said, to ensure that there is no build-up of mold. Remember this is the air that you breathe in. When looking at the different types and brands, consider the hard to reach little nooks and crannies when it comes time to clean.

Humidification. In order to prevent over-humidification, it’s important to consider how you plan to use the humidifier. If you plan to only use it when you’re home, monitoring the level is easy. But, if you plan to run it around the clock, there are different options to consider.

The easiest option is to simply purchase a smaller humidifier than you think you would actually need. The challenge with this option is actually under-humidifying with a smaller-than wanted unit that doesn’t have enough power to humidify the whole room.

Another option is to get a full-featured sonic model that is self-regulating. This humidifier will actually monitor the humidity for you and will shut off when the desired level is obtained. You can also get an evaporative model with the same features. Just be aware that you will be replacing wicks throughout the lifetime of the unit.

Water Tank. Keep in mind that you will be continuously refilling the water tank of your humidifier. Take a look at the shape of the opening and determine the ease of which filling is going to happen.

Humidifiers can be a great way to reduce the dryness in your home. As always, if you have any questions, let us know!

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