Time to Overthrow That Kitchen Stench!

Time to Overthrow That Kitchen Stench!

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Maintaining a Garbage Disposal

  Garbage DisposalThere a foul small coming from your garbage disposal? That’s food rotting. If you rinse food particles off dishes and pots into the sink, they collect in the garbage disposal and rot. If you don’t run your disposal regularly that organic matter will build up and can make your entire kitchen smell bad. To prevent this, always run your garbage disposal after you wash the dishes. Pouring cold water and a little dish washing liquid down the drain, and running your garbage disposal for 60 seconds will help prevent build up. How Plumbers Can Help It’s important to have your garbage disposal and drain flushed out periodically. At least twice a year have a plumber thoroughly clean and disinfect your garbage disposal and your drains. This does not have to take a long time and it is not very expensive. Licensed, experienced, professional plumbers have the right tools, techniques, and products to eliminate the buildup, prevent clogs, and keep your garbage disposal running well and smelling good. Garbage Disposal Don’ts If you want to keep your garbage disposal running well, only put biodegradable materials into it. Non-biodegradable materials like plastic, glass, and even cigarette butts, can do damage to the disposal’s blades and motor. You should not pour large amounts of fat, oil, or grease into the disposal. They accumulate, damage disposals, and clog drains. Putting celery stalks, corn husks, onion skins, and other fibrous materials can cause the garbage disposal to jam and clog the drains. A Few Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips From A plumber Chandler PlumberWhen using the disposal, run the cold water. Hot water liquefies grease and leads to clogs. Let the water run for 10 to 15 seconds after you turn off the disposal. This will flush out the remaining waste particles. Keep starches like potato skins, rice, and pasta out of the garbage disposal. When mixed with water they can expand and clog up the disposal and the drain. Grinding the peelings from citrus fruits like lemons or oranges helps to keep the garbage disposal and the drains smelling fresh. Finally, if clogs and foul smells are a problem, call a plumber. Do not pour drain cleaners, bleach or other harsh chemicals through the garbage disposal or your drains. They can do damage to the pipes and drains. Plumbers have safe, effective ways to keep your garbage disposal and drains clean, clear, and smelling good. If your home is in need of garbage disposal services, call ABC Plumbing& Rooter at (480) 726-1600 for the best plumbing service you will find in Chandler!

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