The Toilet Through The Ages

The Toilet Through The Ages

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Chandler PlumberChandler PlumberLarge urban areas in ancient cities had to figure out innovative ways to handle human pollution. We take the toilet for granted today, but there was a time when it wasn’t quite as common. In an effort to honor the modern toilet, we give you a little lesson in plumbing history!

The First Toilets

In the third millennium BC toilets toilets sprung up in many different societies. It is suspected that the toilet originated in the indus River valley. Consisting of a seated area made of bricks with a wooden seat, this was one of the first toilets, yet still remains superior to many of the systems in struggling nations today. These toilets were only used by the upper classes, everyone else was stuck using pots or holes in the ground. Egyptians, Persians, and Greeks were also using toilets around this time.

Toilets in the Middle Ages

In the Middle Ages many of the European wealthy used a device known as a “garderobe.” This was essentially a small stone enclosure with a piece of wood or stone with a hole in it to sit on. Once leaving the body, the excrement would go down a pipe and out of the castle or manor. These garderobes were typically built away from sleeping and dining areas due to the smell they would produce. They would also typically have a fireplace nearby for warmth.Chandler Toilet History

Toilets That Flush

Then came the Industrial Revolution, a time when technology was growing exponentially, and so were cities. The first flush toilet was invented in Britain, where cities had an increasingly complicated waste management problem as more and more people from rural areas moved in to find work at factories. The larger and more powerful middle class made the use of toilets more widespread among social groups than it had in past centuries. Sanitation is now accessible to all, making cities much cleaner, healthier places to reside. Now low-flow toilets and even more sanitary, eco-friendly options are available to us. Toilet technology is continually advancing, and this is but a step towards the future of plumbing.

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