Cool Trends in Heating and Cooling for Your Home

Cool Trends in Heating and Cooling for Your Home

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The technology trends of today have actually reached the homes far beyond home theater systems and appliances that sing right into your heating and cooling systems, making your environment even more comfortable and saving you money.

Cooling Your Home

Today’s air conditioning includes designs that utilize sensors that are aluminum rods hanging from the ceiling activated by motion. Imagine your air conditioning kicking on as people enter the room but turning off when no one is around.

Another type of air conditioning is one that is ice-powered. Basically, it works by freezing water in a tank overnight. The ice helps to cool the home the next day and can provide enough cooling to get you through the peak demand hours during the day.

Solar energy is becoming even more widespread as people begin to see the cost benefits even more. Thermally Driven Air Conditioning systems use solar energy supplemented by natural gas resulting in a highly efficient and effective system.

Heating Your Home

Dual Fuel Heat Pumps use a combination of fuel for the most efficiency and comfort. They combine electricity with a gas furnace. When temperatures are low, the system pulls from the gas to heat, and when the temperature rises, the electricity kicks in.

The initial cost of a dual fuel heat pump is more than a conventional system, but the overall savings over time could more than makeup for that upfront cost.

Geothermal heat pumps pull their energy directly from an underground looped pipe that absorbs the heat and brings it into your home. It is a major investment but could really save money over time.

Whole House Solutions

Ductless systems can run as much as 40% more efficiently than traditional systems with all the ductwork through your home.

We’ve talked about “smart homes” before with their capability of being fully automated when it comes to heating and cooling your home.

Thinking about more efficient ways to keep your home at the right temperature? Just give us a call. We’re here to help with questions, installations, and maintenance.

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