Time to Rewire and Update Your Electrical?

Time to Rewire and Update Your Electrical?

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Ensuring that your electrical system in your home is up to date and in good working order is essential to home safety and function.

While rewiring and updating your electrical could bring a big expense, it’s worth it in the long run because of its importance to keeping your family and home safe.

How do you know when it is time to update your electrical? Here are a few signs to look for:

Frequently blown fuses or tripped breakers

Over-amped electrical panel

Flickering or dimming lights

Hot or discolored plates, cords or plugs

Light bulbs that frequently burn out a socket

Buzzing or sizzling sounds

Burning smell

Arks or sparks from an outlet when you plug or unplug a cord

Loose outlets

Cracked or cut insulation

Electrical shock when you plug in a cord

And beyond these warning signs, even if you don’t see them, it’s important to have your electrical system inspected periodically. This is especially important if your home is older than 40 years old. You may find that you have aluminum instead of copper wiring.

Also, if you have recently made major home improvements or added new major appliances that could be straining your existing system.

Be wary of the strain you could be putting on your system if you are relying on extension cords for power or if your home has ungrounded, two-prong outlets.

If you aren’t sure about the health of your electrical system, you can’t go wrong with calling a professional to come out and conduct an inspection and make suggestions on improving the performance of your electrical system.

Think about all of the devices and appliances that you currently use and that you may have added when you consult your professional. This will help determine any upgrades needed as well as any rewiring that needs to be done.

As always, just give us a call if you have any questions.

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