Washing Machine Hose Breaks Can Really Make You Feel Hosed!

Washing Machine Hose Breaks Can Really Make You Feel Hosed!

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If you have ever experienced a broken washing machine hose, you know that the consequences can be catastrophic.

Those hoses can break forcing water out at full pressure. That means potentially a large amount of water spilling into your home and causing a lot of damage.

Why do hoses fail?

Oftentimes, it’s common wear and tear that cause washing machine hoses to fail.  They crack, leak, bubble and burst. And, sometimes, it’s the water pressure itself that causes the hose to break.

You can help to prevent it.

Inspect your washing machine hoses every few months.

Look for any damage such as discoloration and signs of leaks.

Check the position of the hoses to ensure no kinking or crimping.

It’s recommended that you have a professional install new hoses for you if you see any damage at all or every five years at the longest.  It’s important to have them installed correctly or they can set the stage for leaking.

Also, consider replacing rubber hoses with stainless steel braided hoses for better durability.


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