Water Lines Can Get Clogged Too!

Water Lines Can Get Clogged Too!

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When you think of a clog, you often think of a drain being clogged because that seems to be the most kind of clog we experience in our homes and businesses.

Have you ever experienced turning on a faucet and very little or no water comes out? Well, the water line leading to that faucet could be clogged.

First thing is to check the faucet itself to make sure there isn’t any blockage there. If you find no blockage, it’s time to call a local professional to come help determine if there is a water line clog and get if fixed.

If there is a water line clog found by your local professional, they will likely go through the follow some or all of the following steps to get your water back into the faucet:

Cleaning—The culprit pipes will be removed and cleaned to remove any deposits on the inside of the pipes. The water flow will be tested after the pipes are put back in place.

Replacement—If the pipes that are clogged are old and corroded, the best solution may be to just replace them with new pipes. Your new pipes will likely be made of more corrosive-resistant material and a larger diameter.

Pressure—Another way to clear a clogged pipe is to attach an air hose line to the affected faucet and blast air to clear the clog.

If you are just not sure what is going on with your faucets and your pipes, just give us a call! We’re always happy to answer questions, take a look at your situation and offer possible options and solutions.


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